Kickstarter: Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary

By - Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Visit the Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary Kickstarter site for more information As every graffiti writer knows, it’s important to remember your roots and pay homage to your influences. Without the innovators of style and culture that came before us, graffiti, and hip-hop as a whole, would never have become what it is today. Yes, hip-hop and graffiti are the roses that grew from the circumstantial concrete that was poverty and urban neglect, but without the curators of that scene it couldn’t have blossomed into it’s current status as a cultural juggernaut. Daze, one such curator of the early graffiti scene, recently shared on his 12oz blog a Kickstarter being put together by Michael Holman for the 30th anniversary of the TV show Graffiti Rock. For those of you who don’t remember or, are to young, Graffiti Rock was the first nationally syndicated TV Show to showcase hip-hop acts, and helped to spread hip-hop culture across the country. The show, which aired in 1984, featured writers like Futura and Faze One as well as Run DMC and the New York City Breakers. Michael Holman, the producer of Graffiti Rock, has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the re-release of the original taping of Graffiti Rock, as well as loads of never before seen footage from hip hop’s early years. Please check out the Kickstarter site and the video above to learn more. It’s a project worthy of your money, and donations of even just $10.00 can earn you some awesome rewards.

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