Kidult Responds to Marc Jacobs Releasing T-Shirt of His Own with Exclusive Photo in Action

By - Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

12ozProphet broke the story last week when Paris based graffiti writer Kidult vandalized the Marc Jacobs store in SoHo on one of the biggest nights in fashion, the evening of the Costume Institute Gala at the Met. Rather than reacting negatively Marc Jabobs kept his cool, instagraming a photo of his newly defaced store with the caption “Art by Art Jacobs.” He then turned the tables and gave the international provocateur a taste of his own medicine, mocking up a pink T-shirt with a photo of Kidult’s recent addition to the storefront, again with the caption “ART BY ART JACOB$” and tweeted, “Available now for $689. Signed by the artist, $680.” So good. Since then graffiti, fashion, and popular culture blogs alike have all been buzzing. Some even speculated that it was an inside job and that Kidult was hired and paid for his “work” as a marketing stunt. Others have tried to ride on the coattails of all the hype, creating their own versions of the T-shirt. But ultimately, creating tees with images of the vandalized storefronts has always been Kidult’s thing, as he did in the past after blasting the facade of Supreme. 12ozProphet got an exclusive first look at Kidult’s response to the Marc Jacob’s tee. Needless to say, it’s a step up from the cell phone pic used for the high priced designer tee. Kidult is using a previously unpublished image of him in action tagging the Marc Jacobs store, fire extinguisher in hand. In response to the $689 price tag, the Kid is making his available to all on his website Wednesday at 3pm EST for €6.89, a slightly more democratic price point. Scroll down to check out photos from the play-by-play and in the comments below let us know who you think comes out ahead.

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