Kidult Takes Aim at Christian Louboutin

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  • Paris vandal Kidult has quickly made a name for himself blasting fire extinguisher tags across boutique storefronts. Kidult’s latest target is shoe designer Christian Louboutin. But why? Well, Christian Louboutin recently celebrated his 20th anniversary at Nieman Marcus in Beverly Hills with a big “graffiti” bash.

    From Nieman Marcus’ blog:

    “To promote Louboutin’s L.A. appearance, Neiman Marcus commissioned street artist Galo Canote (also known as “Make” or “MakeOne” and “LoveGalo”) to design a Christian Louboutin billboard on the side of a building on the iconic Sunset Strip. The Beverly Hills store windows also got the street-artist treatment for the visit, as did the eye-popping shoe salon. Louboutin lovers where encouraged to “tag” a white wall with their names and messages for the man behind the iconic brand, much as he tagged their new acquisitions.”

    And as Mr. Louboutin said:

    “I love graffiti. It’s inspiring because it’s an art form that is quite young,” he says. “And yet, it’s everywhere. I travel everywhere and you find it everywhere. So it’s very interesting to find this form of expression worldwide. It’s become universal.”

    Christian Louboutin sounds like he’s into graffiti, maybe he’ll dig Kidult’s contribution?

    Christian Louboutin,

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    thirdrailrat on 12ozProphet

    Kidult is tired

    oe800 - Friday February 24, 2012 at 08:58 AM...

    oe800 on 12ozProphet

    need more people like him

    90sbrooklyn on 12ozProphet

    Im not a Kidult fan but i like what he did here,he asked everyone to tag a legal white wall,said he loves graffiti….sooo here ya go buddy lol,i believe this is the realtively new art form you was seeing all over the place during your travels

    they all sons on 12ozProphet

    this guy is mad cheesy.

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