Klughaus Gallery x The 7th Letter Trucks during Art Basel 2012 in Miami

By - Friday, December 21st, 2012

The Klughaus Gallery hit the road, heading South to Miami during Art Basel to display work in a pretty unconventional format (for art fairs at least.) Rather than renting a booth at one of the satellite fairs, they christened the Klughaus Truck, providing the real estate on the side panels to graffiti artists (many of which they’ve worked with in the past) painting and repainting it over the course of the week. The vibrant Klughaus Truck drove around town displaying some bad ass pieces as well as promoting their current exhibition featuring work by Rime and Toper Snap Back -Dangerous Drawings About New York. The artists who were a part of this project included Rime, Toper, OBLVN, Gorey, Dceve, Vor, Stae2, Aloy, Kaput, Large, Anthony Lister, Witnes, Greve, and a tribute to the Miami graffiti writer and man behind the legendary 12ozProphet handstyles Oil painted by June and DZee. Throughout the event, live music was provided by Meca on the drums on top of the trucks and Mr. Green who collaborated with Rime on an episode of Live From the Streets during last years Art Basel Miami. Klughaus Gallery said, “The concept of this Klughaus project was to showcase the true nature of “graffiti.” Graffiti writers dedicate a lot of time and effort into their work while not expecting any monetary rewards. There is also no guarantee how long the work will last (sometimes gone within hours.) With the forced cycles of graffiti in this project, every one of the artists painted with the mindset that their artwork would be gone within 24 hours (and running less time the longer it took them to paint.) This forced a “purist” mentality upon the artists but it did not stop any of the artists from producing top-notch quality work!” Stay tuned for a video of the project and in the meantime check out 3 pages of flicks courtesy of Rime and Klughaus Gallery. Continue to page 2 for more flicks… {pagebreak} Continue to page 3 for more flicks… {pagebreak} Photos courtesy of Jersey Joe Art and Klughaus Gallery

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