Know Your Rights! by Mare139 on Graffuturism

By - Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Graffiti writer, artist, and 12oz blogger Mare139 wrote a thought provoking article on Graffuturism. Know Your Rights! begs the question what rights do we, as artists, retain when our works are in the public realm. Mare give’s the specific example of one graffiti artist’s work being transformed into a design for a rug. He also references two other recent instances that were featured on 12ozProphet in the recent past. One, where TATS Cru threatened to sue Fiat after one of their murals appeared in the background, ever-so-briefly, in one of their car advertisements. And the other, when Revok called out Fab 5 Freddy for using segments from Sever pieces in his canvases. Here is and excerpt from Mare139’s article on Graffuturism:
Recently as I was doing some research I came across a designers site that had a rug for sale that had the exact style of my friend Keen One, I thought to myself how unlikely that he would do such a commercial project so I passed the link for confirmation. As it turned out it wasn’t an agreed upon collaboration but an artistic infringement by the designer. Since the work was painted on a wall in public they must have assumed the artist had no rights to said work since it may or may not have been legal and decided to use for their own commercial and financial gain.
Read the full article on Graffuturism.

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