Music Video: KRS-One Disaster Kit (Hurricane Sandy)

By - Friday, November 16th, 2012

The Blastmaster KRS-One returns with with one of the most timely and relevant Hip-Hop songs to drop in some time in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. KRS-One drops the knowledge on how to survive a disaster. On the track describes detailed elements of how to assemble a disaster kit and make yourself prepared for disasters natural or man made. The video depicts a backdrop of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, and contains pertinent information that many who were left suffering after the storm wish they had prior access to. Here is an exert from KRS on why he released this track: “This is an opportunity to show the world what Hip Hop is capable of. Obviously this project isn’t about raising money or making money. This is purely about knowledge and survival; I truly hope the world benefits from these words. By memorizing the lyrics of this song, you at least prepare yourself with a mental checklist against natural and man-made disasters.” The track is classic KRS-One Edutainment very informative, but at the same time it finds KRS in classic form delivering his punch lines to a boom bap track. KRS reminds once again Knowledge Reigns Supreme and why in Hip Hop he will always be known as The Teacher. Text: L.Swann

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