Photo: Labrona and OverUnder Visit Chicago for "Art in Public Places"

By - Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Labrona and OverUnder teamed up in Chicago for Pawn Works Gallery’s project “Art in Public Places.” OverUnder painted “Division of Memory and Construction” in Pilsen, Labrona painted a mural on Chicago’s North Side, as well as branching out further from the project’s original neighborhood of Pilsen together to collaboratively and individually wheat paste a large amount of street work throughout Chicago’s rougher West Side neighborhoods. “Art in Public Places” has brought a lot of talent into Chicago, so be sure to review Reyes, ROA, and Gaia’s visits to the city if you missed them. OverUnder said, “6 humid days, 7 pairs of socks, 8 gallons of paint, 9 -5in’, one day painting in only my boxers, 42 Old Styles, one deep dish pizza, two dips in Lake Michigan, 14 wheat pastes, 80 replays of 2 Chains Birthday Song, and one long ass mural. Nick Marzullo (who runs Pawn Works along with Seth in NYC) is the man! Someone get that guy a big ass high five. He took us to some of the best Italian Beef joints, greasy spoon diners, and spots. Yeah SPOTS! I love me some good spots.” Photo: Nick Marzullo, courtesy of Pawn Works Gallery, via Brooklyn Street Art, and Over Under

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