Video: "Doçura" Street Forming Typography Project by Boa Mistura

By - Monday, May 7th, 2012

This clip gives a better visual demonstration of the Boa Mistura’s Participative Urban Art Intervention, which we only had a glimpse of before. Adding more color to the world is Boa Mistura’s mission, to fuel creativity and expand imagination. Boa Mistura is a group of five Spanish artists that come from different creative backgrounds such as graffiti, graphic illustration and large scale mural work. Arkoh, Derko, Pahg, Purone and Rdick travelled to São Paulo during January 2012 to continue their Crossroads project, a project that brings beauty and color to rundown communities, “using art as a tool for change and inspiration”. The Gonçalves family hosted Boa Mistura, giving them a direct connection to the community living in the favelas. The opportunity to work with the public, planting words of love, beauty and embrace, helped dramatically emanate good vibes through the winding stretches of the favelas’ alleyways. “Luz Nas Vielas”, the name for this specific journey of the Crossroads projects, has been made possible with the sponsorship of the Embassy of Spain in Brazil and the collaboration of Singapore Airlines, Montana Colors and the Spanish Cultural Center in São Paulo. We will keep you posted as soon as the full video drops! {image-1}

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