Last Chance: Meggs "Heavenly Creatures" at Thinkspace Gallery

By - Friday, April 26th, 2013

At the beginning of this month, Thinkspace Gallery set the stage for David “Meggs” Hooke’s first solo in Los Angeles in four years. Titled Heavenly Creatures, the highly anticipated show features a set of new paintings, sculptures and installation pieces by the Melbourne based artist. Through this set of work, Meggs further explores the concept of duality– a theme that frequently underlies his work. Using his trademark palette of vivid reds, oranges and teals set against black and white backgrounds, Meggs fuses ancient mythology with the contemporary element of comics. His work strikes a balance with a mixture of detailed portraits and symbols and chaotic splashes of paint. “Heavenly Creatures is inspired by a long– term interest in fantasy stories and characters and the underlying moral codes that they represent”, comments Meggs, “I’ve always been interested in fantasy creatures whether it is comic superheroes, cartoon characters or mythological tales.” In addition to the paintings on the wall, the show includes plaster skulls and three thaumatrope installations. The interactive pieces defied proper gallery etiquette by encouraging people to touch the art and served as a tangible metaphor of duality. The discs showed his ability to further evolve his art outside the confines of canvas. Check out our behind the scenes post from the show here. If you were not able to catch the show you still have time, Heavenly Creatures will wrap up on April 27. Text: Keisha Raines Photos: Birdman

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