Last Chance: Poesia Transcend "More Force Than Judgment" Closes June 30th

By - Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Poesia Transcend’s exhibition at the gallery Anno Domini in San Jose, CA closes Saturday, June 30th. A progressive graffiti master challenges Renaissance masterpieces. Poesia Transcend’s first solo show closes in a couple weeks. If you are in the San Jose area, only forty-five minutes from San Francisco, definitely take the time to check out these paintings first hand. This series of stunning repaintings of Renaissance masterpieces creates a historically strategic dialogue between advanced graffiti and fine art painting techniques. Poesia was a member of the Bay Area’s Transcend Collective, consisting of members Joker, Persue, Mune, Kema, Anna and Ouija. They experimented with what they ended up calling Abstract Graffiti. In practice, they began with Wildstyle and then combined other influences from outside the graffiti stylistic palette, especially fine art techniques and ideas. They mixed in different styles, materials and subjects, bringing new looks and techniques into play. In this same aesthetic vein, a few years ago, Poesia founded the blog It has quickly become an international hub for many painters who also have come from a similar aesthetic background over the past twenty years. For example, he has become friends with and supported many members from the Ikonoclast Movement, another nineties crew that also experimented with the boundaries of graffiti. Members include RemiRough, Juice126, and Part2ism. Stay tuned for interesting things to come from the Graffuturists over the next few years. Click through the pages below to see photos of the opening night and Poesia’s paintings… {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} Text and Photo: Daniel Feral

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