Latido Americano Mural Jam in Lima, Peru

By - Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Last week I had the honor and privilege of attending the Latido Americano graffiti/mural jam in Lima, Peru. The event was organized by two of Lima’s most respected writers, Entes and Pesimo, and celebrates its second year this year. Apart from being hosts, organizers, and muralists as well the duo brought together great talent from across Latin America with a few guests from other continents as well. The line up included Guache (Colombia), Super (Peru/Germany), Hes (Chile), Fisek (Chile), Charqui Punk (Chile), Tiws (Denmark), Soten (Denmark), Benas (Mexico), Toxicomano (Mexico), Saner (Mexico), Sego (Mexico), Bien (Mexico), Inti (Chile), Saile, Jeanvi, Pau, Steep (Ecuador), Cuore (Argentina), Fog, Jade (Peru), Meki (Peru), Yuin (Australia), Oz Montania (Paraguay), Phetus (USA) and many other writers from Peru. The event’s walls were in the Centro Lima section of the city which is known for its high crime rate, loud cars, and of course government buildings and museums. Phetus and I found ourselves painting our first wall on a very hot block known for document forgers and other hustles. We ended up becoming friends with the local thugs and for three days we painted with the locals watching while cracking jokes and offering us plenty of booze and other stuff. We painted the same block as Hes and Fisek, two style writers from Chile who really painted some detailed burners. The event was a non-stop paint-a-thon for us all and many of us didn’t get a chance to meet each other until a week into the event because we were spread out around the city and on a hectic pace to finish. Since Phetus and I painted quickly and with less detail than most we squeezed in a few spots and some night action as well. I spent time photographing as much of the event and the city as I could. Here is the first installment of photos from my trip to Lima. Thanks again to Entes, Pesimo, and the whole production team in Lima. Text and Photo: Alan Ket

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