12ozProphet Exclusive Preview: Lazarides “Bedlam” Opens in London TONIGHT

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The entrance heading down under the Waterloo station.

The Lazarides Gallery Bedlam exhibition opens tonight in The Old Vic Tunnels below the streets of London. Artists include Conor Harrington, Dan Witz, Vhils, Antony Micallef, and more.

12ozProphet, along with a few other select journalists, were taken on an exclusive tour of Bedlam by Steve Lazarides last Friday. In addition to his good instincts for supporting culturally relevant and resonant artists, no matter what their discipline or background, Steve Lazarides has a curatorial flair for the magnificent and the grand. Bedlam is the third and last in his series of exhibitions held in The Old Vic Tunnels. The tunnels are 30,000 square feet of two-story high, vaulted dank tunnels under the London Streets. The artists have been chosen to compliment the environment and the theme:

‘Bedlam’ is a term coined from ‘Bethlam’ London’s Hospital for the mad. The infamous mental institute is the oldest in the country of which came to epitomise the brutality long associated with lunatic asylums all over the country dating back to 1247.

Other artists included are Doug Foster, Ian Francis, Kelsey Brookes, Karim Zeriahen, Klaus Weiskopf, Lucy McLauchlan, Artists Anonymous, Michael Najjar, Till Rabus, Jonathan Yeo, and more.

A piece inspired by a device that was used for therapeutic spinning treatments in the original Bethlam Hospital.

Once inside the tunnels, some of the chambers have the look and feeling of a museum, like the Metropolitan or Natural History Museums.

Conor Harrington had his work hung in a theater setting.

A six-foot white sphere hangs from the ceiling in another room with a video of a blinking eye projected onto it.

In a vat of chemicals, a crystaline form was growing, which will be hung on the wall for the show.

Dan Witz has many installation pieces inside and out.

Steve Lazarides is strapped into a restraining chair that holds the subject still while being brainwashed by images on a screen in front of them.

Poesia, the founder of Graffuturism.com, walking towards the way out. He hooked up 12ozProphet with this tour.

Vibes is up inside the tunnels.

Steve says goodbye at the exit.

Text and Photo: Daniel Feral

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