You Left Your Fly Open

By - Monday, March 14th, 2016

Usually I cower at the open door on a boxcar, but here is a case where the open door saved the day bringing this SHOCK out of hiding.  After several years of benching freights, I had never seen anything of quality on the inside of a boxcar, until this frigid winter day when this lonely boxcar gave me some warmth for a few minutes.

SHOCK UC AKB/TCI is one of the strongest, not only with their style and huge scale, but also with spot selection and overall presentation of everything down to their white out tags.  Artistic talent aside shock is guaranteed to make you howl with their outlandishly witty one liners while all the while making you question your whole existence with their poetry left behind.  Well rounded is the definition that comes to mind.  When the “who’s the best” conversation comes up, This Twin Cities die hard is frequently revered as one of the “best” overall writers and often times by very people that shock probably looked up to on his rise. Not only is he one of Minneapolis’ finest, but also one of the finest world wide.  What happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object….. …SHOCK!

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