Legendary Drone Tag: KATSU vandalizes Kendall Jenner billboard in NYC

By - Friday, May 1st, 2015

Graffiti writer Katsu, whose presence is felt both in and out of the graffiti community, is officially the first known graffiti artist to have hacked a drone to vandalize property. The ingenuity of the drone-tag method is impressive to say the least, though we’re certain other graffiti artists have had similar drone-hack fantasies, without the follow through. However, the genius of this event lies within the execution.

Photo by Arthur Holland Michel
Photo by Arthur Holland Michel

The victim of the Katsu drone was a massive Calvin Klein billboard, currently featuring Kendall Jenner, which sits at one of the busiest intersections in Manhattan on Houston and Lafayette streets. Katsu operated the drone to spray paint on Kendall Jenner’s entire face early Wednesday morning. Fortunately, someone was around to document this graffiti history. 

In few words: this is huge. It will likely be the most Instagrammed sight in New York City amongst the trendy youths who are known to gram intersectional pop culture (at least for today). Hashtag #dronetag (#mycalvins). Though it may not be the most “artistic” or skillful tag to exist, it is certainly a major advance in graffiti technology.

And in other news: some people are upset by the defacing, no pun intended, of Kendall Jenner’s face. We’re not. If you’ve got to keep up with the Kardashians, you might as well get up with them, too. 

Those who are familiar with Katsu and graffiti in general are aware that this is not the writer’s first major act of vandalism. In 2011, Katsu blasted an unsanctioned and obviously unauthorized tag across the front facade of MoCA in Los Angeles in broad daylight. So, can we really be surprised by this legendary tag? The fashion world is reeling as the graffiti community plots. Katsu will be Katsu, and graffiti artists will tag, so expect plenty more drone tag action in the near future.

News via Wired

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