Legends Thursday 50th Podcast with Kwest TV

By - Monday, January 4th, 2016

In 2015, Coupe brought us Legends Thursday. With Legends Thursday he brought us the untold stories of writers and those involved in the graff scene. On New Years Eve he released his 50th podcast with a super special guest. No one knew it was Kwest until the podcast dropped. 

At the end of each interview Coupe asks each person which 3 people they would like to hear on the podcast?  When that question was asked during Pres’ podcast his reply was Kwest. And I think many would agree with Pres’ response. Simply because there’s only word to describe Kwests’ work whether it be on the walls, rails or the massive sculptures… incredible! 

So since Pre was one of the people who mentioned Kwest, Coupe thought why not have him come up with questions for his podcast. Great idea! There’s absolutely no doubt that Kwest is a beast! So one of the first questions asked was “are you human?” Haha too funny

During his podcast, he breaks writers into two categories; innovators and motivators, talks about what kind of work ethic him and his crew portray compared to the new generation of writers and artists who inspire him. 

There was also talk of what his favorite medium is considering he uses so many. His response “Laying down a burner, the sense of accomplishment you get when you walk away, and seeing the crispy lines.” And he even has his own freight recipe: 3-4 color fade, outline, 3d and a lil’ background. 

And since Kwest is known for creating next level work he never comes across as cocky or egocentric, he is actually quite the opposite. He’s super humble and very down to earth. He’s happy that he can do what he loves for an everyday living. 

I was privileged enough to meet and watch Kwest throw down with TV crewmate Persue when they came to Detroit for Murals in the Market read the interview with Kwest and Persue

Kwest and Coupe really started the 2016 with a bang!  We can’t wait to see what the rest of the new year will bring for either of them.  We know one thing,  we WILL be listening and watching!!!


Check out the interview here…



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