Legends Thursday With Chip7 Mayhem Cru

By - Friday, November 6th, 2015

Coupe continues to keep us tuned in to his legendary podcasts. This week episode, number 30, is no different as he chops it up with Chip7 of the Mayhem Cru. Chip7 has been writing for over 20 years (started in 94). He is from New Jersey but now resides in Bangkok. He now has creative freedom, something that was a challenge here in states, to do what he loves everyday. He was lucky enough to hit up spots with one of the best painting partners, the late Nace. In the interview Chip7 tells listeners about some of those experiences and in a few cases life lessons.

His style is uniquely his and original, “I didn’t want to be a Xerox copy of someone else.” You can really respect that. He is very humble considering the amount of work he has put in over the years. In an era where originality is getting harder to find especially with the growing amount of photos put up on social media outlets. And social media has given a lot of writers a platform to grow their egos as well. It’s nice to know that there are writers out there like Chip7 keeping it real.

He speaks about his thoughts on seeing the older generation continuing to be active and killin it. That’s one thing about graffiti there is no age specifications. Chip7 also tells us that he was lucky enough to be able to go from not knowing people in the graff community to becoming friends and go out painting with them. He was at the right place at the right time and feels geniunely blessed.

Be sure to tune in to Legends Thursdays with Coupe and Chip7 to hear more of the conversation at lt_graffiti_podcast

To see more of Chip7s work you can follow him @chip7art

Also, Coupe will have a podcast marathon next week featuring:
Mon-Spel HM
Tues-Jester IYA TKU from Philly
Wed-Nemel IRAK
Thurs-Therd CTW CMK TKO
Fri-Timber MFK
Sat-Ewok HM MSK

That’s one helluva lineup to help celebrate a new IG and website name change. @lt_graffiti_podcast
Keep em comin! We’ll be listening…

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