#LESbeat Secret Party This Thursday: Win Tickets from 12ozProphet

By - Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

It’s going down again this Thursday night, as the second #LESbeat rager is planned to pop off at Chinatown The Seaport! If you don’t already know what #LESbeat is all about, basically Red Bull gives a shitload of money to Matt Levine, the nightlife impresario behind Sons of Essex and Cocktail Bodega, and the Brandsway Creative team to rent out a massive undisclosed location and pull together a line-up of guest DJ’s and surprise performances with free food and licks all night. Pretty much the revival of the rave, but with a big budget. The catch is nobody knows the location or the line-up until the night of the event. And the only way to get in is to have an allusive ticket. The first #LESbeat party transformed a mall in Chinatown into a massive house party. Tables were filled with free pizzas and burgers, the open bars flowed all night, girls were jumping around in blow-up bouncy castles until popping them with their heels (yeah I saw you), and the crowd bum-rushed the stage as Riff Raff and Cam’ron performed. To be honest, we didn’t even hear about the last party until hours before it happened, and when we got up a post, people came out of the woodwork texting us asking if we had tickets… Well this time we do! 12ozProphet is giving away 10 tickets to the #LESbeat party this Thursday night. We are giving our readers 24 hours to convince us why they deserve to go. To enter follow us on Twitter and tweet: “I’m rolling with @12ozprophet to the #LESbeat party this Thursday www.12ozprophet.com/news/lesbeat-seaport” And then email us at news@12ozprophet.com with “#LESbeat Giveaway” in the subject line and let us know your twitter handle and make a compelling argument why we should give you a ticket. The contest ends tomorrow at 4pm and we will select the most persuasive entries and announce the winners Tuesday night. Goodluck! In case you missed the last #LESbeat party, here’s a little recap of what went down…

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