Video: Remote AMPM – A Pioneer of 1980's Boston Graffiti Style

By - Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

In the mid/late 1980’s, Boston had a graffiti renaissance. Boston graffiti art was rapidly evolving to have its’ own unique style and flavor. Perhaps other cities farther away could emulate NYC, but the bitter rivalry between the two cities made renegade Boston street artists of the 80’s develop, letters, characters, styles and patterns, which were as far from NYC graffiti style as possible. Boston artists preferred to create their own characters, rather than borrowing cartoon icons or drawing b boys. The large piece letters in Boston were smoother, thicker, and had more dynamic flow than the traditional straight bar Wild Style train lettering created in New York. One of the writers who developed the original Boston flow was Remote, a traditional letter engineer who’s still active after 27 years in the graffiti game. In the mid/late 1980’s Remote was one of the pioneers of Boston graffiti art style. His letters always had life and energy. Whether it was tag letters or masterpieces, Remote elevated traditional graffiti into an art form through his exploration of the balance, flow, and shape of letter forms. He was always down with respected crews such as CBS Boston, NSA and AMPM, and made his presence on the streets felt through tags and pieces. These days Remote, is the lead designer for GraffToyz, a company which produces interactive graffiti toys. Remote’s love affair with letters continues, proving that the shape, energy, and flow of letters, as well as tags themselves, can be elevated to an authentic art form. An old school classic Boston alphabet by Remote appears in the new book Flip the Script by Christian Acker.

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