Lewy Embarrasses NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, FBI Director Called

By - Friday, August 10th, 2012

After Lewy painted terrorist attack proof Brooklyn Bridge, Senator Charles Schumer contacted FBI Director Robert Mueller to ask a favor on NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s behalf, bring down Lewy BTM. NYPD Confidential obtained a transcript of the confidential phone conversation, here are excerpts, read the full article here. Schumer: Bob, I have a favor to ask of you. I need you to call Ray Kelly. Mueller: What’s up, Senator? Schumer: I’d rather Kelly tell you himself. Mueller: Well, just tell him to call me. Schumer. You know how he is, Bob. He wants you to call him. He needs your help. Mueller: If he needs my help, why doesn’t he call me? Schumer: O.K., look, it’s that graffiti guy. Lewy BTM. The one who tagged his name on the Brooklyn Bridge. Mueller: Oh, yes. That’s pretty funny. Schumer: It’s not so funny, Bob. Mueller: Well, Ray has been saying for years that he prevented a terrorist attack on the Brooklyn Bridge. Now he says he has the bridge guarded day and night. But he can’t stop a graffiti guy? Yes, Senator, I would say that’s pretty funny. Schumer: Well, Ray doesn’t think it’s funny. He wants your help to capture this Lewy. He wants a full-scale joint NYPD and FBI investigation. He’s bringing back his detectives from overseas to help hunt Lewy down. Mueller : Senator, why don’t you tell Ray to just calm down. Schumer: Bob, it’s not that simple. Ray is furious that this Lewy embarrassed him. He told Peter King that when he catches Lewy, he is going to water-board him. Mueller: [sound of laughter] O.K., Senator, what exactly do you want me to do? Schumer: I want you tell Ray that he is nuts. That he has rocks in his head. That maybe he has been in this job too long.

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