The Lie at the SOHO House #chicago

By - Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Jay Turner, as known as “The Lie” and owner of the Paper Crown Gallery, is the second artist to paint at The SOHO House here in Chicago. Curated by Lance Curran, each month an artist will start with a grey background and have the opportunity to create the mural of their own choosing. Two corners of the SOHO House building on Green St. in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago are the blank canvas on which they will work. In the middle of a neighborhood that is already known for it’s lofty apartments and street art visuals, the SOHO House is connecting with its international visitors and its artistic clientele.

The Lie has taken his two wall spaces with an interesting mix. He has made graffiti and street art together here to look as though it was a collaboration of artists working together. All art has been done by The Lie and it clearly represents his style; a lady with her stunning glare and his connection to animals (a couple of finches, and a wolf).

We talked a bit about his influences and we agree on one artist that is creating a new approach to painting on the street. That artist is Conor Harrington.  The Lie incorporates some of those same techniques in his work. Squeegee paint across the canvas, scraping cans across freshly painted surfaces and mostly using his hands as tools to finish out shapes and make small details.

Jay paints fast. His mind moves fast. His ideas must then be painted fast. This is why he paints on the street. It’s transient sometimes harsh quick removal makes this process exciting and always evolving. Both pieces were painted in approximately 3 hours, because sometimes things look best unfinished, raw and edgy. Is the lady with the intense stare wearing a helmet? is it her hair? Maybe he wants you to decide for yourself and think more about what is happening in front of you. Do you know what she is thinking? Should we care? Or should we enjoy what is now at the SOHO House and will be until next months installation.

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