Limited Edition Indie 184 Prints Featured on 1xRUN

By - Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

1xRUN, an online platform devoted to “bringing limited-edition time-released artwork to collectors across the globe” is currently featuring the work of Indie 184, Bronx-based graffiti artist and graphic designer. Founder of KweenzDestroy, an online streetwear brand that incorporates her love of graffiti and fashion, Indie 184 is dedicated to the promotion of women in the graffiti world, and all-around “bad-ass females.” Her most recent paintings, “Don’t Get it Twisted” and “Own Your Power” debuted on 1xRUN several days ago, and draw from the artist’s Latin American roots. Each one showcases a different “Kween,” the Dominican-born Maria Montes, Queen of Technicolor, and the Puerto Rican Marquita Rivera, Queen of Latin Rhythm. Both her brand and her work aim to empower and valorize strong women. As Indie 184 puts it, “Representing all the ladies keeping it real, fun and fearless. Ladies who aren’t afraid of getting paint on their nails or jump fences.” The artist is inspired by 12oz bloggers Cope2 and West, as well as Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring, Kaws, and Swoon, among others. With limited prints available and only 3 days left, be sure to check out the artist’s prints and an exclusive interview on 1xRUN. Source: KweenzDestroy, 1xRUN Text: Nicola Parisi

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