Limited Run Games is Bringing Digital-only Games to Physical Form

By - Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Earlier in the month, a publishing company called Limited Run Games was brought to light and it’s all thanks to Josh Fairhurst from Mighty Rabbit Studios. The team’s goal at this sub-brand is to bring video games that were only released digitally as download only software, to a physical form. Just something else to get your sweaty Doritos fingers all over. These physical drops will be limited to either a few hundred, or a couple thousand copies at most and will not be reprinted through their website.

First title getting a physical release is Breach & Clear, a military strategy game for the PlayStation Vita and is set to go on sale October 29th, 2015 at 12pm Eastern with 1,500 units being made. Right now, only PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 titles seem to be planned in physical production, as Sony is more flexible and cooler with lower production runs than Microsoft. Most games will be $24.99, unless the game already costs more in the digital-verse, plus $3.99 shipping throughout the states, and international shipping is certainly offered for a bit more.  Each release will be numbered and packaged well since this project is definitely aimed for all the game collectors out there.

Absolutely, one hundred percent yes. Breach & Clear is getting a low print run because it is a test for the idea of Limited Run Games.

Josh Fairhurst has been a collector for just about three decades and keeps most of his collection at the office, and as every person does, he likes the feeling of just tearing open a brand new game and popping it into the system of choice. Digital-only games was rumored to be the future a few years ago, and this seems to be their way of fighting back. Mighty Rabbit’s second game titled Saturday Morning RPG is headed for PlayStation 4 early 2016 where they are also planning a limited run of physical copies as well. The game is available now for the PC, but we’re talking consoles here, and physical console games are great.


In an interview with We Got This Covered, Josh tells everyone that if there is more demand for certain games, a second run will be warranted. Josh says – “Absolutely, one hundred percent yes. Breach & Clear is getting a low print run because it is a test for the idea of Limited Run Games.” I’m hoping we see a lot of great titles, both independent and AAA in the future as this is a great way to bring them to the physical world and to keep the collectors happy. Limited Run Games has over 40 more titles planned for release, but if there’s anything you’d like to see make it’s way out, feel free to let them know via social media! They’re building their customer base well and steady, something definitely needed if you plan on jumping in on something like this with nobody knowing who you are. I reached out to Douglas Bogart at Limited Run Games on a few questions I had stirred up.

What have been the hardships it took to get the company off the ground and get more games planned for physical releases?

The biggest challenge was refining the process for ordering games and getting them published. It’s a lot of work, which is why when we talk to developers, we let them know we will assume the financial risk, market and sell their game. We are very transparent about the whole process, which we feel is the right approach to take. There are a lot of developers that have a similar mindset as us, which makes it easier to talk to them. There is still a huge demand for physical games, and a lot of developers want to see their games proudly displayed on their shelves. 

Any plans to release non-PlayStation specific titles in the future?

Sony has been a dream to work with and has made the process very easy for us. We are looking into possibly doing Wii U titles though. We don’t want to be close minded when it comes to publishing games, so we are very optimistic about the future. Once we get the company off the ground some more we will start tackling other options, like imports, other platforms, bigger titles, etc. We can’t promise anything but we want people to know that we are looking at all available options. 

Any plans to eventually include game-related limited merchandise with orders?
We may start selling posters and stickers that will be related to the game being released, but that will be up to the developer. When we launch the store there will be some Limited Run shirts available. There won’t be very many though, we just had extras from buying bulk. 


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