Lit Lounge Owner Max Brennan Interview on the Eve of 10th Anniversary

By - Friday, February 24th, 2012

Lit Lounge in the East Village is one of the quintessential dive bars in New York. With the recent closing (and demolition) of Mars Bar and constant talks of Max Fish shutting their doors, Lit is one of the few places in New York to maintain an aura of the city from a bygone era. A hub for artists, writers, musicians, and downtown derels, you never know who you may run into. To celebrate the occasion of Lit Lounge’s 10th anniversary, the Gothamist interviewed one of Lit’s three proprietors, Max Brennan. Scroll down to read an excerpt from the interview and click here for the full story on the Gothamist. How has the neighborhood changed throughout the years? The neighborhood has changed quite drastically, really. There were many little bar/venues for bands that have since gone out of business and have been replaced with upscale, over priced coffee lounges and designer clothing boutiques. Also, all of the local musicians have since moved over to Brooklyn and it’s harder and harder each year to get them to travel to LIT. Which is why I’m opening a new bar in Brooklyn next month call The Flat on South 5th and Hooper Street. Also the bands don’t draw anywhere near the amount what they used to draw. Are you upset about any of the changes? Not sure if “upset” is the right word, but maybe I’m a little sad these venues closed. I had some great times in those places. I don’t have such a great time at Starbucks, but the coffee is pretty good. Do you feel Lit has pretty much stayed the same throughout all of this? Yes for the most part, Lit as an entity has remained the same. We still have local and small touring bands play downstairs, and we still have local artists show in the gallery, Fuse, but of course the style of crowd has changed somewhat. Source: Gothamist

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