Local Graff Zines Represent NYC at the NYABF at MoMA/PS1 This Weekend

By - Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Local zine publishers are representing NYC graffiti culture at the New York Art Book Fair this Thursday night through Sunday. Carnage, Grilled, Stuck, SubCulture, Old New York, Making Deals, LTD, Signal, and more! Obsessed heads Ray Mock of Carnage, Jowy Romano of Subway Art blog and SubCulture zine, and Making Deals of Making Deals Zine have put together a great selection of some of the best zines to come to come out of NYC in the past year. They range from focused theme zines like Ray’s new Stuck, which has only photography of stickers on the streets, to the Making Deals zine, which is a collage of a wide range of photography and other printed cultural ephemera. There are also new zines by Droid 907, Old New York, and Making Deals all released just in the nick of time for the fair. Jowy has published the second issue of SubCulture, focusing only on etch and scribes. Jowy and Ray take production to a high level by using different kinds of paper; packing the zines in special envelops which they also print and have writers tag on; and include all kinds of hand-tagged stickers as well. Although not able to attend, Daniel Feral is represented by his zine Signal and the poster of his diagram on Graffiti and Street Art. Due to a mix up, the zine table is listed on the map as Pantheon Projects. Photo: By the Publishers Text: Daniel Feral

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