12ozProphet Exclusive Interview: Logan Hicks on his Upcoming Show at LACE

By - Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

New York-based street and stencil artist Logan Hicks chatted with 12ozProphet about what to expect for his new solo show in Los Angeles, CA. “Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors” will debut at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) on March 8, 2013 and run through March 10, 2013. 12oz: You have said before that stenciling started as a substitution for your screen printing, how did your experience with screen printing help with the evolution of your craft? Logan Hicks: Screenpriting is a very regimented medium, there is very little ‘grey area’. There are dozens of steps that you need to go through before you ever get to a creative product. You can’t stray from any of those steps or your outcome will fail. Either you’re right, or your wrong. Looking back, I realize now that I probably wasn’t the best screen printer. I like to experiment and test new things out. So often times, I would have misaligned prints, messy thumbprints everywhere, or the colors varied between the prints. In screen printing this is unacceptable but in stenciling its more forgiving. The steps are similar because of the layering of images to form the finished piece, and stenciling is sort of a poor mans screenprint, but stenciling encourages experimentation. No two stencils are the same, and it’s nearly impossible to spray the same stencil in the same color each time. So when I started working with stencils things just clicked. Stenciling has a protocol for making them a good piece of art, but you can vary a bit. Stenciling has more personality. 12oz: Could you walk me through your process? LH: It’s a bunch of boring steps that nobody really cares to hear about. The short answer is that I take photos, edit them as I need and turn them into stencils. In between there are dozens of hours of computer work, editing images, and me shaking my fist madly at the sky and cursing anybody that walks by me. Apparently I find the longest, most difficult path to make art and I take it. 12oz: For “Thin Veils and Heavy Anchors,” your work has moved from focusing on outdoor settings and buildings to interiors and figures, what prompted this shift? LH: The timing just felt right. For years, I’ve explored the city around and under me. I like the quiet that comes from those undisturbed pockets of the city where nobody ventures, or the nighttime when the city sleeps. I’ve always wandered around trying to find ‘my place.’ That part of the city where I feel grounded. Content. Connected. My art reflected those feelings. The figures that I have introduced just an extension of that feeling. Now, rather than making work that is more observational, I have moved to the narrative. I will always love the photorealistic stenciling, but I just felt like there was a different story to be told that I couldn’t tell without including people. Now I use the patterning and interiors more as a metaphor than a literal depiction of the environment. I’ve started to introduce life into my paintings. I look at each interior as this metaphor for a state of mind. Each piece is this compartmentalized area of your brain where these minimal actions happen, but they influenced your life. Similar to how you may replay a scene in your head over and over. Like if you see someone you’re attracted too you may relive the time you first saw them. Or if you have ever been in a car accident you relive that crash over and over. I see my paintings as being similar to that sliver of memory. 12oz: What else can fans of your work expect to see in your upcoming show? LH: More of the etched acrylic pieces, larger photorealistic pieces. I’ve begun to shoot underwater photography and I’ve started to incorporate those photos into the new work. I feel like this work is a definite step forward in the evolution of my work. I feel strongly about this body of work. It’s a great feeling knowing that when the doors open and people see what you have been doing for the past couple of months you can stand proud. Text: Keisha Raines Photos courtesy of Logan Hicks For more info on the show check out the PMM Art Projects website.

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