Recap: Logan Hicks "Thin Veils and Heavy Anchors" at LACE Gallery

By - Thursday, March 14th, 2013

This past weekend, Logan Hicks blitzkrieged Los Angeles with his dynamic new stencil art. On exhibition for three days only starting March 8, LACE Gallery in Hollywood displayed “Thin Veils and Heavy Anchors,” a collection of new work from the New York based artist. For those of you that were unable to make it to “Thin Veils and Heavy Anchors,” you missed an expansive set of work that included signature Logan Hicks style mixed in with pieces that indicate an evolution of his craft. Featured were pieces that you expect to see at a Logan Hicks show; art work that transported you to the streets with dimly lit cityscapes. Pieces that had you muttering “how does he do that that with just stencils?” He branched out of his usual urban backgrounds by going indoors with deconstructed interiors that shifted the focus on portraitures. “I will always love the photorealistic stenciling, but I just felt like there was a different story to be told that I couldn’t tell without including people,” explains Logan over his switch. “Now I use the patterning and interiors more as a metaphor than a literal depiction of the environment.” In addition to the new scenes and refocus of his subjects, Logan showcased his ability to master various mediums. He etched his stencils on metal proving that more than just an artist he is a true craftsman. In case you missed it, be sure to read our interview with the artist here. While the pieces are packed up and no longer on display, enjoy the photos of Logan’s work in all of it’s intricate madness. Text: Keisha Raines Photo: Birdman

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