London Calling: UK Experiments with Plant Bombing in Potholes

By - Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Check out London does plant bombing. We’re not talking throwing a potted plant into any ugly corner of a street here; the British took it upon themselves to create miniature scenes of living room furniture, tennis courts, garden tools, and more in combination with plants inside potholes. As awkward and uncomfortable as they seem around plant life, the Londoners in the video are at least taking a moment to reconsider the aesthetics of their city and are able to respect the attempts at beautification without explicit consent–which is something we can all secretly support. The exception is the dog at 1:45mins, but if there’s anything Generation Y has taught us, it’s that there will always be haters. We’ve seen some dabbling into planting bombing here in New York—such as this piece in Astor Place—but New York street artists apparently aren’t as enthralled by tiny lawn mowers and minuscule red telephone booths. {image-1} Want to try out your green thumb, but prefer to man-up the project with some power tools? Check out the instructions on moss graffiti below. Apparently this actually works. And by “power tools,” I mean something along the lines of “kitchen blender” and “spray bottle” (on the bright side: safety first!). {image-2} If plants really turn out to be your calling, San Francisco can teach you a thing or two about yarn bombs with another little plant bomb inside. {image-3} Text: Caylee

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