LOOK – Solo Exhibition 'It Was All Green Instead'

By - Friday, November 29th, 2013

In this exhibition, (Look’s first big solo show in ages) he explores the contemporary relation between nature and the abyssal human civilisation. The works discuss the evanescence of the human being and the way they come to terms with mortality in concern to the bigger understanding of the universe. The artist provides insight into his feelings of security, environment and the spiritual gap of the so called first world and other existing parallel worlds. It Was All Green Instead will feature a variety of drawings, etchings and paintings. LOOK was born in the North of Germany, in the former GDR Eastern Germany, in 1981. He was painting and drawing stuff from the very beginning. In 1996 he crashed into graffiti, and from this point graffiti was a big passion, it became his most favorite media to express his ideas. In 2001 he started studying arts in a small town in the North of Germany where he learnt lots of techniques relating to drawing people and painting canvases. Things didn’t feel right for him so he changed his direction and went to Berlin to study grafic design in 2005. A year later Lars met Vidam in his studies, and together they formed the design collective Peachbeach. After some successful years, with international design jobs for some bigger clients, loads of exhibitions in Europe and painting around the world, he met a group of people who shared his passion for graffiti, arts and design. The conclusion to this was 10 people joining each other from Germany and Austria which lead to the formation of the graffiti crew that is The Weird in 2011. In the following two years they painted huge murals from Detroit, to Luxemburg, meeting many more enthusiasts on their travels. Their studio work never stops, with continual collaborations with paintings on canvas and walls. lars@peachbeach.de www.peachbeach.de http://www.facbook.com/looktheweird http://www.looktheweird.tumblr.com/ —

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