LTV Squad Visits 'The Bushwick Yard'

By - Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

The folks over at LTV Squad, recently paid a visit to The Bushwick Yard. Despite the heyday of the train yard being long gone, the graffiti most definitely is not. We selected a few of our favorite flicks from their post in the gallery above. At 12ozProphet we try our best to bring you dope content without blowing up any spots, this seemed to have crossed LTV Squad’s mind as well from what they had to say:
I’m sure some really dumb internet assholes are going to bitch at me about ‘blowing up’ this spot but trust me, the cops know all about it. This yard has been here since forever. Back in the day it was a tightly packed yard with over a dozen small customers getting boxcars of everything from Tin to Beer to BEEF. Today, there’s still plenty of beef, but less rail customers. Much of the old yard area has been taken over by a building supply customer, and more recently, a cement and stone company that takes deliveries of rocks from CT. For a long time the tracks around Morgan Ave were littered with abandoned cars and other urban debris. Those days are long gone – though the graffiti sure isn’t. The yard space has become a discrete corner of a hipster neighborhood where people still occasionally paint. Fortunately, though it hasn’t been soiled by a load of bad ‘street art’, it has remained the providence of the aersol artists.
-LTV Squad Check out the LTV Squad website for much more of their photos from this trip and others.

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