Street Art: Detroit – Majesty and Grace

By - Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Abandoned. Useless. Eyesore. A reminder of decline. None of these common words apply to this roofless, doorless building. In a time when media and police dub Detroit street art and graffiti a mar on our city, Flaco and collaborators have taken a small slice of it and proved just how inaccurate those ideas are. Flaco, who is from Detroit, says ” I am inspired primarily by movement, so I love ballet…”. Going on to say, “I currently run an art gallery called ‘The Untitled Bottega’ as well as a creative campus where my installation of ballerinas, inspired by principal ballerina Misty Copeland of the American Ballet Theatre, can be viewed”. In addition to the gorgeous paintings adorning the walls, this project just goes to show how artists are using forgotten properties deemed hopeless by the masses and turning them into publically enjoyable spaces at no cost to anyone but themselves. Detroit officials and journalists may not see any potential in these spaces and often opt to leave them to rot or spend copious amounts of money taking them down or writing about them as a problem and demonizing the artists who see beauty in the decay instead of seeing the creative possibilities that these spaces possess.
As the city of Detroit continues to go after street artists of all kinds I can only hope that someone with creative vision sees these possibilities and grants use of similar spaces to artists rather than criminalizing them for doing nothing more than using our expansive city as their canvas. In art, there is no right or wrong; black and white; it is endless possibility; it is beauty.
These photos speak volumes, please feel free to leave your thoughts on this topic.
Many thanks to Flaco and the installation “Majesty and Grace”. Hopefully, those words can be become common descriptives of the this city once again.

You can find more work by the artist Flaco on Instagram @FlvcoShvlom .

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