Mare139 and his New B-Boy Abstracts via Graffuturism

By - Friday, March 16th, 2012

Legendary graffiti writer and artist Mare139 has found inspiration from hip hop culture and brought it into the studio. On Graffuturism, a site dedicated to artists with graffiti backgrounds pushing their work into the abstract, which Mare regularly contributes to, he posted a series of drawings inspired by the breakdancer Ken Swift. They describe the movement so well with simple, concise lines. Scroll down to see his work and thoughts on the project;
Back again in the studio and was inspired by a recent class visit of the legendary B-Boy Ken Swift who teaches theory and the fundamentals of the dance here in NYC. One of the challenges in this drawing style is to distill an attitude not just a minimalist drawing, it must have a gesture that has the movement and intent in the dance. One of the great quotes I walked away with from Ken Swifts class was ‘Turn options into transitions’, spoken like a true master as he suggests having foresight in your process so that you can extend your expression. In my work one can see the subtle transitions in the reworked illustrations and as I changed the applied medium I found yet more options and transitions especially with the ink drawings since they seem to take on a whole other iconography, they remind me of Asian writing. Soon I will have a more focused body of work in collaboration with Ken Swift in which I will work directly with him as my model, this exchange will be both in theory and practice. Enjoy.
-Mare139 Source: Graffuturism

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