Mare139 – 'His' Story 'Our' Story

By - Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Legendary graffiti writer, artist, and 12oz blogger, Mare139 weighs in on the initial transition of New York graffiti to the gallery world. Setting writers like Futura, Phase2, Tracy168, and other members of the N.O.G.A. (Nation Of Graffiti Artists) apart as the first to make the change from trains to walls, canvas, clothing, flyers etc. A video from Futura goes into further detail on the Sam Esses Project and the writers involved, including some historic photos to accompany both his and Mare139’s accounts. Make sure to check out the whole feature over at Graffuturism. “I post this going into the new year with a sense of optimism about the road ahead. Coming off the success of Art Basel and the onslaught of legit and illegit art making one can only say that culture has gone pandemic and there is no stopping it now. This year what I took notice to was how important documenting was to many of us, how the present time was precious and of value to us, whether painting next to Kofie, chatting it up with West, or admiring the works and words of How and Nosm, these stories that laid in small pockets of a larger clusterfuck of art world mania are the most relevant to our present and future.” – Mare139

Text: Kenny Beats
Source: Graffuturism

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