Mare139 Speaks Against Recent MTA Anti Graffiti statistics

By - Thursday, August 4th, 2011

{image-1} According to recently released MTA statistics, the number of trains getting hit in yards and layups has decreased in recent years; between 2007 and 2011, the number of reported graffiti incidents has declined 60%. The MTA and NYPD claim that the decline is due to the implementation of coordinated efforts between the NYPD, Transit Police, and the Eagle Team, essentially the MTA’s own version of the NYPD Vandal Squad. However, NYU Scholar in Residence, former writer, and 12ozProphet blogger Mare139 came out and said the study is not a definitive measure of the current climate of graffiti. Speaking to, Mare stated, “I think [the News article] is a little hyperbolic. This has been established for years now—yeah, there’s very little subway graffiti on trains these days. That’s because it’s done differently now—you’re seeing stuff on the streets, or murals, or other activities, even in the world of fine art. A lot of graffiti kids have found professional lives. These ‘graffiti down’ numbers are a symbol, at best.” Mare139 hit the nail on the head; just because the number of graffiti incidents are down in the subways and trains doesn’t necessarily mean its not happening on the streets. Its good to see that not everyone is fazed by the anti-graffiti figures thrown out by the MTA. -Text by Ben

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