Martha Cooper Snowblind: A Look Back at NYC Buried Under Snow in 1978

By - Friday, February 17th, 2012

Snowblind, opening tonight at Klughaus Gallery, is a photography exhibition based around images of snowstorms past. Curated by Carnage and Making Deals Zines, one of the best decisions they made was inviting legendary graffiti photographer and 12ozProphet blogger Martha Cooper to be part of the show. In anticipation of the opening tonight, she put together an extensive post with over a dozen great shots of New York City buried by the snow storm of 1978 and also more recent images from Baltimore. Scroll through the gallery above to check them all out with the captions siting the location each shot was taken. Here’s what Martha Cooper had to say: “We’ve had a mild winter this year but if you want to be reminded of some serious past storms, come to the opening tonight of Snowblind. The group show at Klughaus, a sweet new little gallery in Chinatown, was curated by Carnage and Making Deals. I was happy to get a chance to dig into my files for some non-graffiti related flicks. The black and whites are mostly from New York 1978 and the color ones shot nearly 30 years later during the Baltimore blizzard of 2009. Snow photos are pretty but tricky to take. It’s difficult to retain detail in the bright whites and nearly impossible to keep driving snow off the lens.” -Martha Cooper {image-1}

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