Martha Cooper Shoots the 123Klan's 20th Anniversary in Brooklyn

By - Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Some of the biggest writers from around the world came together in Bushwick, Brooklyn to help the 123Klan celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Legendary graffiti photographer, and 12ozProphet blogger, Martha Cooper was on the scene doing what she does best as the slew of international artists brought color to the grey walls that lined the block. We have been bringing you daily updates of the works in progress courtesy of Cope2, one of the featured artists. Scroll down to read what Martha Cooper had to say and to see how some of the finished pieces turned out. “The French crew, 123Klan, celebrated their 20th anniversary with an international graffiti jam in Bushwick. Organized secretly by Scien as a surprise for Klor, writers flew in from Paris, Germany, Amsterdam, Austria, Montreal and LA. The event coincided with Bushwick’s Open Studio weekend so the neighborhood thronged with artists and sightseers. While 123Klan members mostly painted on a gray wall which stretched around the block adjacent to the Morgan L station, the 4 Burners Crew used a brick wall across the street. Their bright orange, wild style pieces were punctuated with classic, old school characters expertly rendered by Tech.” –Martha Cooper Source: Martha Cooper

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