Martha Cooper Officially Joins Instagram

By - Friday, January 4th, 2013

People are always asking me how graffiti has changed over the years but a better question, for me at least, is how photography has changed.  My dad had a camera store in Baltimore and gave me my first camera in 1946 when I was in nursery school. I’ve been taking pictures ever since-do the math-for 67 years! George Eastman put photography into the hands of ordinary people in 1888 with the first Kodak camera. So I’ve been shooting for over half the history of modern photography. Last week I finally joined the 21st Century and traded in my old flip phone for an iPhone5. It wasn’t an easy decision or an even trade as I’d been using a prepaid card. Now it costs me about the same for one month as I used to pay for the whole year. It’s expensive to keep up with Generation Z. I bought an iPhone5 because I heard it had the best camera phone and I wanted to play around with Instagram. Until now I haven’t been into photo sharing. I was more into hoarding and archiving and have been ridiculously slow to post anything.  By the time I manage to edit, adjust and upload to this blog, my photos are invariably stale news. For example—Art Basel photos—still planning to post them. Because I was slow to join Instagram, I had trouble getting a name I wanted:  MarthaCooper—already taken, Kodakgirl—taken, SnapZ (my B-Girl name)—taken. Coopergram—taken. Damn! Felt like identity theft! So marthacoopergram I am. I plan to shoot and post whatever I see as I go about my daily life and any photo I post on Instagram will be taken with my phone. You will not see old skool photos there. Please don’t be disappointed if the photos aren’t all of graf and street art. I’m primarily a street shooter and I plan to post whatever I see that interests me. My Instagram profile photo is from the beautiful portrait Os Gemeos painted. Of course it’s cropped square so you can’t see that I’m sitting on a subway car but that’s Instagram—square but hip. See you @marthacoopergram. Text and Photo: Martha Cooper

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