Max Kauffman Paints Mural at Chicago Truborn Gallery

By - Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Watercolor artist Max Kauffman recently visited Chicago and painted murals in the Wicker Park and Pilsen neighborhoods. Kauffman is from Oakland, California, known for its collection of street art and amazing artists.  Rasterms, Nice One, Never Satisfied and Over Under, among many others, all have murals in this city. With galleries here in Chicago familiar to his work, one has set him up with a space to paint. Over at Chicago Truborn gallery, there is an outdoor mural space, measuring 6′ by 30′. This will be the last mural to be painted at this location. 

He works with a palette similar to his watercolors. Orange and blues make a powerful statement against his black background. The decision to use orange and blue, warm and cool, conscious and unconscious, evokes immediate and intense feelings. Crispy edges and geometric shapes move between soft-edged and scalloped pattern. Constantly spraying the surface with water, he adds paint to the mix. In areas that he would like the color to run, the paint is water based and allowed to drip. In other areas, where he wants the paint to create a watercolor texture, he uses a classic 94 Montana colors spray paint. Even though he likes to use repetitious pattern, he does not like the use of stencils, as they create a consistent shape. Max however likes the idea of shapes being similar but having a free flowing energy and objects that appear softer and more organic.

Starting late in the day on day one and on day two, experiencing intense sun and no cloud coverage, this project was often interrupted by pizza breaks and necessary hydration. With an earlier finish than expected, Max had time to go to Pilsen and work amongst the other great street artists in that area: ROA, Mr. Penfold, Stinkfish, The Yok and Sheryo and now Max Kauffman. The last photo in this gallery is of that mural under the bridge at Ashland and 16th. 

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