Met Gala outfits by Moschino bear striking resemblance to Rime’s graffiti

By - Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

At the Met Gala last night, when Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott arrived, neither were wearing just any ordinary gown or tuxedo. This was Jeremy’s design for Moschino. This gown had…wait a minute…graffiti along the bottom?! Accompanied by, not just any ordinary evening bag, but one that resembled a Krylon can with the Moschino’s name along the top. Jeremy’s jacket was a dead giveaway that this was the work of Jersey’s own, Rime (AWR/MSK). It’s an exact replica of a vandal wall Rime did in Detroit for The Seventh Letter. The lettering is the same, the colors are very similar and the eyes are the same. So this raises the question, did Moschino have Rime’s permission? Or is this another instance of designers riding the graffiti wave to gain popularity and without crediting the artists whose work manages to climb the high-fashion ladder?

If you recall, back in February of 2014, a similar issue arose between designer Roberto Cavalli and other MSK members. Cavalli allegedly took the design used on a mural done by Revok, Reyes and Steel of MSK in San Francisco’s Mission District. Those designs were added directly to his upcoming clothing and accessory line. After a publicized trial, the judge ruled in graffiti’s favor and Cavalli was made to stop selling the line.

Look at the pictures above from both Perry and Scott’s instagrams to judge for yourself. Let us know what you think by commenting below or by tweeting us at @12ozProphet: is this a straight rip off? 

Vandal pic via germanfriday on Flickr

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