Metal Monday: Dceve (Part One)

By - Monday, August 24th, 2015

 Today’s Metal Monday post is a part one of two profiling Dceve; one of the greatest artists to ever hit a box truck. He has hit a huge number of trucks in New York City over the past decade. Dceve is a writer that can smoothly shift from one style to another. The ideas this writer comes up with seems to be endless. Some of his trucks just have dope burners, while others may twist up popular logos to form the letters of his name.

Dceve is a writer from Queens, New York and has been writing for the past 15 years. He is part of the infamous Smart Crew whose roster also includes Snoeman, Elmo, Marty, Korn (RIP), and many others including rappers Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, and Despot, One of Dceve’s biggest achievements was painting the famous Canal Street ledge. Dceve described the moment in an interview from New York Magazine.

The craziest spot I’ve ever tagged was the top front face of a seven-story building on Canal Street. It’s a famous spot to graffiti artists, but no native New Yorker, like me, had tagged it. The only place to stand up there is a ledge that’s smaller than my feet. So first I took a photo of it and blew it up on my computer and plotted out where I’d paint; there are some archways that I could push up against for support. Then, early morning, I put some paint in a bag, climbed up the fire escape, and got to work. It only took about 20 minutes, though it was cut a little short: Toward the end, I dropped my gray paint. It just fell, like I would with one wrong step. I was just up there thinking to myself, What the fuck am I doing with my life?

Recently Dceve has been working with the Klughaus Gallery which operates Graffiti USA, a company that hires professional graffiti artists to do commissioned projects. Last year, Dceve collaborated with street artist Beriah Wall and made Smart Crew coins that were placed in random locations throughout New York City. Despite Dceve going into legal graffiti he still believes “real graffiti” is illegal and done on the streets.

12oz wanted to feature Dceve because of his incredible creativity as a graffiti artist. We hope he continues to transform the New York City graffiti scene. Click here to check out and follow Smart Crew on Twitter for more updates on what Dceve and his affiliates are doing.

Who would you like to see featured on Metal Monday?  Leave suggestions in the comments below or send a tweet @12ozprophet. Click here to check out past Metal Monday posts. For more New York City graffiti check out the N E W Y O R K C I T Y  thread in the Brick Slayers forum. If you enjoyed this post please Like, Share, or Tweet this post

Dcve canal

Photo Credits

Photo One: i_follow

Photo Two: nyc graff heads

Photo Four:Elisha Cook Jr.

Photo Five: Luna Park

Photo Six: Becki

Photo Eight: Backround Noise

Photo Twelve/Thumbnail: Press Pause


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