Metal Monday: Panic and Seo SB Keep Trucking

By - Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Today’s Metal Monday post features the work of Panic and Seo, a fearsome bombing duo rising in New York City. They are part of the SB crew, which stands for “Stompin Boroughs,” and that is exactly what they do. In every borough you can see the work of the SB crew on gates, rooftops and walls. But Panic and Seo still recognize the importance of hitting box trucks.


Not much is known about the SB crew except that it is becoming a prominent crew in New York City. In March, the SB crew painted a truck for the clothing brand TCDS (The City Don’t Sleep). You can check out the video of that paint job here.

 12oz hopes to see more work come out of the SB crew. 

Who would you like to see featured on Metal Monday?  Leave suggestions in the comments below or send a tweet @12ozprophet. Click here to check out past Metal Monday posts. For more New York City graffiti check out the N E W Y O R K C I T Y  thread in the Brick Slayers forum. If you enjoyed this post please Like, Share, or Tweet this post.


Photo Credits 

1 and Thumbnail: realgraffnyc

2: _igot99problems_ 

5. slickstreets

6. nickrmartin

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