Metal Monday: Sefu in the Lower East Side

By - Monday, August 10th, 2015

Today’s Metal Monday post comes straight from the streets of the Lower East Side. Sefu is known on the streets for his signature throw-ups, but his New York City box truck game is on another level. Sefu brings a style to his box trucks that look like a mix of Pixação and 70’s New York City train graffiti, probably influenced by the people Sefu paints with. 

One crew that Sefu has been down with is TWD, which was created by Pixote and Sabio. TWD has been changing the graffiti scene in New York City for the past couple years. The members of TWD are heavily influenced by the Pixação style which seems to be popping up more throughout the city as of late. Although Sefu’s work may be similar to his TWD friends, he still has a unique style that sets him apart from the rest of New York City’s writers. Sefu was featured in a video last year when he bombed with Klops during a blizzard in New York City. Sefu was also seen in Sabio’s video “The Future of Now” which came out in February of this year. 

12 oz hopes to see more of Sefu’s great box truck work. We wanted to feature Sefu because he is a graffiti writer who is not afraid to push his own unique style. While many writers like to stick to a particular style, Sefu is a writer who seems to blend styles together to create something that is new, different and very unique. 

Who would you like to see featured on Metal Monday?  Leave suggestions in the comments below or send a tweet @12ozprophet. Click here to check out past Metal Monday posts. For more New York City graffiti check out the N E W Y O R K C I T Y  thread in the Brick Slayers forum. If you enjoyed this post please Like, Share, or Tweet this post.




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