Metal Monday: SIGNAL

By - Monday, July 27th, 2015

Today, there are only a handful of writers that can exhibit a style reminiscent of a bygone era of NYC train graffiti. Signal is one example of a writer who wants to return to the classics. He does this by using the medium of a NYC box truck and giving it a old school feel. His trucks aim for nostalgia not just because of his style but because of his use of classic cartoon characters.

Signal incorporates these characters into his burners by using them to replace the “I” in his name. These characters are dynamic and fit well with his burners. One truck shows Bugs Bunny blowing up Signal’s burner that is textured like a brick wall. Another burner has a LEGO Captain America running towards the viewer. Another truck even has a cartoon banana that looks as if it is running with Signal’s box truck as it moves throughout the city. One of my favorite trucks has Bugs Bunny dressed up in full New York Yankees pinstripes ready to take a swing. 

Although not much is known about Signal’s history, he has represented Children of Destruction whose affiliates include Cash RFC and Wane. The COD crew bombed the IRT and BMT lines in the late 80’s during the last days of NYC train graffiti. Their members are now seen rolling on box trucks and vans throughout NYC.

Although Signal’s work is not seen as much as Wane or Cash’s, he is a good fit for the crew. Signal’s work showcases a style that is rare to see in a scene primarily focused on quick throw ups and tags. Signal may only  have a few trucks in the streets, but each of his trucks are a rare treat for those who can catch them. They remind us of a time when graffiti was more about quality then quantity, and creating just one dope burner on a train car was worth more than a dozen throw ups. 

You can follow Signal on his Instagram account: illwillznyc and contact him here.  

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