Metal Monday: Vew Runs From the Cops

By - Monday, September 14th, 2015

Today’s Metal Monday post features the infamous Vew GI. Vew brings a style that seems to be a mix of old and new. Vew can rock a classic New York City throw-up, tick-tock, and Blockbuster, but he also rocks some styles that we’ve never seen before and truly showcases his ability as an artist. 

Vew first caught the attention of New Yorkers when in 2012 by putting up elaborate pieces on outdoor subway station houses with Neg. In January of 2013,  The Last Supper NYC presented a video showing Vew putting in work on one of these station houses in the middle of a snow storm.  In 2014, Animal NYC caught up with Vew who hit two New York City subway trains just a couple months. The first train, featured a piece inspired by “Spy vs Spy,” while the second train was inspired by “The Pink Panther.” In June of 2014, 12oz got the chance to interview Vew. He provided an interesting anecdote about painting box trucks. 

12oz: Do you have a chase story you’d like to share?

Vew: I was in a truck yard and I’m finishing up the last truck and I hear the gate move. I go around the truck to go check it and see 3 cops squeezing in through the gap with their flashlights and they start running in yelling freeze (lol) before they even see us. We start running and hop over a fence and end up by some woods. My friend left his camera lens on the back of one of the trucks and he had to run back and get it!! I still don’t know how he got away. 

12oz would like to give a warm shout out to Vew and his affiliates, especially Cete. We hope Vew continues to rock New York City with his impressive work. 

Who would you like to see featured on Metal Monday?  Leave suggestions in the comments below or send a tweet @12ozprophet. Click here to check out past Metal Monday posts. For more New York City graffiti check out the N E W Y O R K C I T Y  thread in the Brick Slayers forum. If you enjoyed this post please Like, Share, or Tweet this post

Photo Credits:

Photo 1:Aaron van Dorn

Photo 2:raoul_simon

Photo 3:urbanhooker

Photo 4:hardadd2ct

Photo 5 :nickrmartin
Photo 6:idledhands
Photo 7:streetartnyc
Photo 8:write_of_passage
Photo 9,10,11: Animal NYC


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