Metal Mondays – CASH RFC COD Box Truck

By - Monday, February 9th, 2015

If you’ve been to New York City you’ve probably seen a truck like the one above. And, chances are what you saw was painted by CASH or one of his RFC COD homies, together they have countless trucks and vans roaming the five boroughs. I mean, this dude must have a secret stash of boxcars somewhere, because it seems like a new one is always popping up. But hey, we’re definitely not complaining, there’s no better way to jump start your week then by catching one of these trucks on your way to work.

CASH has been getting down in NYC for years and is by no means limited to boxcars. You have no doubt seen his throwups and tags around, but I would venture to say his work on vans and trucks are the most eye-catching. in a city full of graff, ads and distractions a fresh boxcar never fails to grab my attention. This particular gem was caught rolling down Spring St. in SoHo, looking good for all those models and fashionistas roaming around. Shouts out to CASH for always coming correct.

Been seeing CASH around or have a suggestion for Metal Mondays? Feel free to speak up in the comment section, we are always on the look out for cool new artists and wanting to know how we are doing. Check out past Metal Monday posts here and keep ‘em rollin in the future.

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