Michael Alan’s Living Installation March 5th at 17 Frost Gallery

By - Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

The Human Puppet Theory

The Living Installation is a Brooklyn-born, artist collective and NYC performance art staple. Artist Michael Alan was born in Bushwick and raised in Brooklyn and Staten Island. His primary goal is to keep New York, New York. 

The Living Installation is a public art happening throughout which humans are transformed into living sculpture, reminiscent of Alan’s distinct illustrations.




The project is very DIY in a natural, purist sense. The objective of the Living Installation is to show that when working together, human beings can do anything, with the appropriate positive energy and necessary strength. The Living Installation is not a play, nor is it an alternative drawing class or social event. It is an immersive experience through which Michael Alan hopes to open eyes and minds. It converges many forms of expression and subject matter including dance, music, live painting, choreography, sculpture, culture, spoken word, politics and comedy.

Over the last ten years, the show has taken place at the Chelsea Museum, Kenny Scharf’s Cosmic Cavern, The Whitney, The Gershwin Hotel, The Dumbo Arts Center, Baffo Art Center, Teatro IATI , Millenium/La Mama, The House of Collection, ABC No Rio, Gasser Grunert Gallery, McCaig-Welles Gallery, Jack the Pelican Gallery, Eastern District Gallery in Bushwick, rooftops throughout NYC, and at Michael Alan’s home.

The show is set to original music with collaborations with artists such as Kenny Scharf, Meredith Monk, members of Wu-Tang, Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedy’s, Ariel Pink, Japanther, Odd Nosdam, The Boredoms and Tommy Ramone.

On March 5th, Alan returns to 17 Frost with the Human Puppet Theory, described as “a dark satire on how as humans, we are puppets, and how to break free.”

Featuring live music by Tim “Love” Lee, Michael Alan Alien with Dj Bard, and Ramsey Jones {special guest fUCKYEAHFRED}

Performers: Garry e Boake. Mimi mummy. mckenzzzziiie. Suzy Q. Mike Alan Alien, Nick Geenwald,  Kimtacular,  Sagan Shannon, Hali Milner, Jennifer Lopez, Anna J Witiuk

Live tattoos By Val from Sins and Needles

Tickets may be purchased online for $20 or $30 at the door.

Saturday March 5th
6 PM to 1 AM
17 Frost Gallery
17, Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY
Photos 1-3 by the Village Voice

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