Mid Week Music Break: Webster X

By - Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

There’s something different about this kid. In the sam vein as Chance the Rapper, Webster X has put a unique indie twist on his music that makes it jump out amongst all the trap and 808 laced hip hop we hear these days. Hailing from Wisconsin, Webster X made his visual debut with the stunning video for “Doomsday”, posted below, that put him on the map. His EP Desperate Youth was released about a year ago, but is just now beginning to be picked up on. It’s clear from listening to the kid speak and rhyme that he is an intelligent and thought provoking artist that could very well be the next one to shake some shit up.

Above is Webster X’s latest video for his most recent single “Lately”, A song that when I first heard it really made me reconsider what hip hop sounds like. It’s odd, it has the Mumford and Sons vibe that somehow works perfectly with his vibe. The video itself is more along the lines of a short film in composition. It tells the story of rebirth and realization for Webster X as he continues to develop as an artist and person. Both “Lately” and “Doomsday” are worth your time to watch, and I would suggest you keep this name in mind as there is surely more to come in the future.

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