Midweek Music Break: Myke Bogan – Casino Carpet

By - Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

I’m fuckin’ with this tape hardbody. The energy and intensity that Bogan brings on Casino Carpet is indicative of the drive he has to make this music shit work, and believe me, it’s working. 

Myke Bogan hails from Portland, Or, by way of California. The past three years have seen him release three projects, each with increasing success. His most recent mixtape, Casino Carpet, released last Friday, shows another step in this MC’s development. From start to finish this tape feels like a complete project. From his troubles at home, numbed by weed smoke and liquor, to life on the road, enhanced by weed smoke and liquor, Casino Carpet is a look into Bogan’s life as a whole. There’s a duality in his actions and behaviors that I think everyone can relate to.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is something brewing in Portland. This summer has witnessed major growth in a relatively small scene, and while outsiders may not yet be keyed into the movement, locals are picking up on the vibe for sure. Myke Bogan is just one of several MCs from the Rose City that have been pushing there craft as of late. 

Make sure to take a listen to the tape, and possibly explore the rest of his catalogue and the movement happening in Portland. There’s a lot of young blood and energy in all of it. Real inspiring stuff.

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