Midwest All-Stars Go Big In Cincinnati

By - Friday, August 12th, 2011

For the fourth straight year Know Theatre in Cincinnati has featured the work of the city’s premiere graffiti/signage/mural squad Higher Level Art on its huge outer wall. The theme is always different, but this year they went with an ‘anti-mural’ wherein they gathered some friends and layered the wall with every form of graffiti they could manage. The event correlated with the Cincinnati Fringe Festival earlier this year, but remains up all year long. The wall is like a roll call of Midwest standouts. Typo RA, Avert, Gamble, Mines, Tead, and just about everyone else you can think of from Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Detroit, Louisville, and of course, Cincinnati. These writers are nearly all heavy on the their freight game and hold it down in their hometowns. It’s a rare to treat to see so many of these guys in one place, but to have them all on the same wall is unheard of. Beginning with the buffed collage, writers covered every inch of the wall with tags, then throw-ups, then straight letters and finally full-on burners of every shape and size. Lots of writers, each with a different approach. They even let the locals catch a few tags. It’s big and it’s nasty. Peep the video here. RIP Heist. Text by: 6Cents

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