Recap: Mister Cartoon's "Sanctiond Automotive" Launch Party

By - Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The famous East Los Angeles studio of Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol, “SA Studios” rolled up it’s doors to the public Wednesday night to officially launch a new line of car care products under the brand name “Sanctiond Automotive”. In celebration of the official release, guests were welcomed to a multi faceted “open-house” event where they could tour the palatial facility and also view a number of highly collectible custom cars from the private collection of the co-founder of the art and lifestyle branding agency SA Studios and notable graffiti and tattoo artist Mister Cartoon. Additionally guests were invited to meander over to an adjacent warehouse where they could further indulge in more elaborate visual and audio stimuli that included beats by Rockford Fosgate Sound Lab, a live DJ set and an impressive display of lowrider hydraulics. The event began with Mister Cartoon and Sanctiond Automotive Group CEO Atticus Firey giving an exclusive press conference where they had the opportunity to officially unleash their new car care brand “Sanctioned Automotive” which encompasses an expanding series of car washes, waxes, tire cleaners and interior conditioners undoubtedly born of Mister Cartoons passion for custom cars. Upon consummation of the formal press release, the media correspondents overflowed into a large adjoining showroom, which housed a diverse handful of automotive wonders. Amongst an elaborate display of unremitting customization, an intricately airbrushed ice cream truck and even tricked out bicycles and tricycles sat against a backdrop of exposed brick and wood panels adorned in graffiti. During this portion of the tour Mister Cartoon talked enthusiastically about his fascination with custom cars and about the role graffiti has played in influencing his artistic style. Referencing writers such as Risk (who was present at the event) and Rival, he mentioned that his early interests in graff culture were “primarily K2S influenced”. Continue on to page 2 for more… {pagebreak} Moving past the sumptuous display, the group was then ushered along to the final leg of the tour which took place in a spacious auto-shop setting. Mister Cartoon’s father sat nearby as a member of the Sanctiond Automotive sales team performed a comprehensive demonstration on his, and two other “regular everyday cars” utilizing their full range of newly released auto detailing solutions. Mister Cartoon spoke to the crowd stating that “Sanctiond is what, if I won the lottery, what I would do with the money.” The new line so far consists of 15 competitively formulated products with uniquely illustrated labels that were designed to look hand drawn. After the induction of the merchandise the press group dispersed into a parking lot in front of the studio that was decadently littered with custom classic cars, sports cars and motorcycles. Continue onto page 3 for more flicks and exclusive content… {pagebreak} As the crowd continued to grow, individuals were seen scaling the sides of the studio in an effort to photograph the well-known graffiti and spectacular LA views that the rooftop offers. Some were even given a special viewing of Mister Cartoon’s tattoo studio “Skid Row Tattoos”, which is also located within the building. The famous tattoo parlor that has seen the likes of Snoop Dog, Eminem, and Travis Barker showcased a body of black and white drawings by Mister Cartoon as well as airbrushed canvases mid-progress. Artistic clown references could be observed throughout the entire space; Mister Cartoon explained the meaning behind it all saying “I grew up with ‘Tears of a Clown’. Everyone called each other fool…goes back to the sixties (when) every artist drew them…I just kept drawing them.” Continue onto page 4 for more… {pagebreak} The front lot, becoming increasingly inundated with guests spilling over into the neighboring Factory Place Building where a multitude of other elaborately tailored whips sat, including a fire orange lowrider named “El Ray” that won “Low Rider Of The Year”, Mister Cartoon’s ’59 Impala “Penny Lane” and also Estevan Oriol’s black ’47 Fleetline on white walls. Model and DJ Megan Daniels provided the beats setting the tone for an evening filled with eye candy, bass heavy beats, In-N-Out truck and free booze. Retna, Patrick Martinez, Estevan and Eriberto Oriol, Risk andRoger Gastman were among the multifarious group of attendees. Text: Kelso Photo: Birdman

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