Mixin’ It Up: The Hobbies of Artists

By - Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Presented by SoBe

Everybody has a hobby. For some of us, that hobby is art. We bust out the paint on weekends, or after a day at work, and let ourselves relax. Creating feels good; it gets your juices flowing and calms your nerves. That’s why we love to do it, and why we think you should find an opportunity to create something, in some way, everyday. 

But what if art is your job—your 9-5—so to speak? You might need to find something apart from your livelihood that helps you relax. So what do artists turn to when they need to shake it up? They most certainly don’t go do desk work to relax, like some Freaky Friday situation. Surely people that are so creative have more interesting things to do with their time.

One of the cool things about the SOBE A.R.T. (ARTIST IN RESIDENCY TEAM) is that they give you a look at the lifestyle of an artist. They have in their line up a collection of five artists, each creating and expressing themselves through different mediums. SOBE A.R.T. offers a peek at their creative processes, going behind the scenes, in their studios or out on shoots, to watch them work. It really puts into perspective the pure joy and excitement the participants get from making their art.

But, you also get a sense of their personal lives, the things that make them the people they are and inspire the work they produce. Hobbies are meant to reinvigorate your creative thinking—to distract you, if just for a moment—from the monotonous day to day. It’s no surprise then, that these artists are passionate about their hobbies outside of their work, and that those hobbies play a huge role in what they create.

From skateboarding and BMX, to collecting classic cars and hitting the beach, the hobbies can be as diverse as the people they inspire. Illustrator Nick Sawyers has been known to go off-roading, drifting around in places most wouldn’t go. That chase for the wild side also works its way into his illustrations, where he often sketches outlandish ideas. As a BMX rider, he probably finds himself looking at landscapes in a different way, much like his interest in street art. Recently he’s even taken to painting the bowls he rides, combining the two interests.

In the video above you can listen to him talk about his background in industrial design, and how that influences his current work. It’s an interesting connection, but definitely speaks to a certain way of viewing the world, seeing the utility, efficiency and purpose of each thing. It’s these sort of outside interests and passions that really come to define an artist. Seeing the lifestyle they live gives us a holistic understanding of who they are.

The SOBE A.R.T. (ARTIST IN RESIDENCY TEAM) is all about understanding that being creative isn’t just a skill; it’s a lifestyle. It’s searching out unique opportunities to inspire and push your self. The artists that SoBe brought together understand what that means. They know how to mix it up, and try new things. Because being creative is more than just their job.

You can follow the SOBE A.R.T. (ARTIST IN RESIDENCY TEAM) on Instagram via @drinksobe, Twitter via @sobe, and Facebook

You can check out all the artists involved on Instagram’s at the links below


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